When to see your Ent doctor in Visakhapatnam

As a Visakhapatnam resident, when you get a cough, you see a general practitioner. When your child becomes sick, you schedule a consultation with a pediatrician near you. So when should you avail of an appointment with an ENT doctor?

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Not so much! It's understandable, but complications with your ear, nose, and throat generally do not pose any significant health hazards, even though they do affect your quality of life. Along with this, they frequently go off on their own. Will this suggest that you should neglect the ENT hospital in Visakhapatnam indefinitely? Obviously not. You can visit the ENT doctor if you have any of the above symptoms. Let's take a look at each one of them individually.


Hoarseness (Particularly when it lasts for more than 2 weeks)

When you have a terrible cough, loudly applaud your team, or speak for long periods, it is normal for your voice to sound hoarse. When it lasts for more than two weeks, though, you should be concerned and see an ENT specialist.


Hoarseness that lasts for a long time may be a sign of cancer, especially of the larynx. However, seeing an ENT doctor in Visakhapatnam might help you figure out what is causing the complication.


Trouble while swallowing (Dysphagia)

It is just a matter of taking longer and requiring more effort to get fluids or food from your mouth to your stomach.


The reasons may be anything from stomach problems to some kinds of cancers or neurological diseases like stroke. An ENT doctor's early warning will definitely save your life.


Snoring in the presence or absence of sleep apnea (Interrupted breathing for more than 10 seconds)

Snoring has a social stigma attached to it, and sleep apnoea can cause a slew of issues that can negatively impact your fitness, daily life, and productivity. There is a higher chance of elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Daytime sleepiness, trouble focusing, anger outbursts, morning headaches, and other symptoms are common in this situation.


If you snore with or without sleep apnea, seeing an ENT specialist will help you stay safe and live a comfortable and happy life.


Dizziness/Balance issues

Dizziness and balance issues are frequent symptoms, particularly in older adults. Although there are various causes for this complication, the most common cause is problems in your inner-ear's balancing organ. Though the disease is not dangerous and itself, it can lead to repeated falls and even death while running machinery, driving vehicles, or walking on busy roads.


An ENT doctor will identify the balancing issues and act in a timely way to prevent any mishaps.


Hearing trouble (Sudden onset or one-sided)

Hearing loss can be acute, chronic, complete, or partial. Hearing loss that occurs suddenly due to injury to the hearing organ is a medical emergency. It requires urgent attention, and you should not overlook it. Inner-ear diseases of meningitis are among the other possible causes of your hearing trouble.


You may determine the disease's root cause and take steps to better treat it by contacting an ENT specialist.


Neck swelling but isn't hurting (Lasting for more than 2 weeks)

Swelling in the neck may result from a mild disease such as acne or a dangerous condition such as cancer.


Only a thorough examination and diagnosis will reveal the precise cause of the swelling. So, it is essential to see an ENT doctor in this case.


Difficulty breathing

If you have trouble breathing, it may be a sign of a more severe issue. Breathing problems result from a deviated nose or inflammatory irritation of nasal tissues. However, they may also happen due to severe disorders like fungus, sinusitis or sinus disease, chest infection, asthma, tuberculosis, or even lung cancer.


An ENT doctor will assist you in determining the exact cause.


Cough that doesn't go away (Lasting for more than 3 weeks)

If you have a persistent cough that bothers you, the cause may be anything from pharyngitis to more severe conditions like throat/esophageal (food pipe)/lung cancer.


An ENT doctor will assist you in determining the cause of your cough and providing relief.


Nose bleeding on a regular basis

Recurrent nosebleeds are more of an inconvenience than a major health issue. Still, they may also be the sole symptom of sinus cancer, so it's unwise to ignore this severe disorder entirely.


If you have frequent nosebleeds, see the ENT specialist.


Headaches/Facial pain

The cause could be anything from a toothache to a migraine or anything more complicated like a neurological disease or brain cancer.


If you experience facial pressure or headaches, seeing an ENT specialist is the best way to figure out what's behind them.


Facial palsy, foreign substances in the ear, nose, mouth, illness, and trauma are only a few of the disorders that need immediate care and treatment. You'll need the support of an ENT doctor to deal with all of this.